As soon as women got into skateboarding, for some males has changed their little world where no females have been around wheels, griptape and skateparks. They never really thought of females in their own “zone” and naturally didn’t really understand why a woman could like falling and getting back up on her board. It seems that its deeply in our heads, stoked without no real reason! But with the years things have changed and meanings luckily got a different direction. The female skateboard scene is growing day by day, with all kinds of personality’s, in our eyes because of riders like Nora Vasconcellos! Besides being an insane rider, she stays on track with her own creativity. Nora pretty much shows the world that being skater girl doesn’t mean you have to be that tomboy! She presents that girls can still wear her purple pants combined with the purple shirt and shoes and still are able to rip damn hard. In this twenty minutes of presenting the Adidas team member Nora, you can truly feel what I felt – enjoy!