It’s still in some of our heads, those considerations of not being able or even aloud to do! But who really made those rules? Of cores some years back, let’s say decades back, women had a whole different position. And yes, a long time ago, and some still, can’t choose their personal way of living. But in general, we have that honor today and right now, to do what we love and the way we love!

Babes On Bikes is just one amazing example of females who truly don’t care and just follow their passion. So what those professional Snowboarder do is not just presenting a cool kind of lifestyle in a combination out of riding a motorcycle, snowboard, skate and surf. It’s so much more than that, they are the role models we need, the inspiration on a down day and the motivation to be different!

Thank you – Sarka Pancochova, Cheryl Maas, Sandra Hillen, Cindy Santini, Erin Hogue and Hana Beaman!