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EIVY – Unbored Onboard

Founded in 2009 in northern Sweden, Eivy is totally killing it! Anna Vister’s first idea was to develop base layers which are so comfortable and fun “that you want to wear it not only while riding, but at the afterski, to the gym, while hanging out at home and even to the club.” When I read that brand philosophy I literally jumped out of my chair and clapped hands joyfully! Maybe a bit hysterical I’d say but that define so exactly the way we feel about first layers with my riding buddies, I couldn’t help it!


For the little story, we were so crazy about it last season that we named it and so was born the “Pantaloon ©”, showing it off at the afterski ! ^^ So, we are so happy to discover Eivy collections, spreading all over those rad girly vibes! I love the way they design each pièce in order to let you make your very own mix’n’match out of their crazy colourful prints… Exciting ! We won’t forget to tell you about the also very cool streetwear collection they develop, widening the combinations possibilities.
“Eivy strives to make products encouraging people to ride, surf and live their life to the fullest, all while looking and feeling good about themselves! “



Mehr Infos unter: http://eivyclothing.com/

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