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INTERVIEW | A super stylish soul sister, just a border crossing away – Elena Graglia

Italy is what Elena calls her home, but to go further is what she`s driven from! Her extremely smooth style and big creativity is what makes her snowboarding so special. A personality with a deep connection to nature and an even deeper love for Snowboarding! We`re happy, we had the chance to get to know Elena Graglia a bit better to share her vibes with all of you!

Foto by Igor Swieczak – @screwdge

Hi Elena, could you give us a quick intro about yourself?

Hi Tanja, my passion for sports all started with gymnastics which I used to practice everyday from a very young age, beside skateboarding. When I found out what snowboarding was, I totally felt that this lifestyle was really close to what I thought I would do when “I grew up”, even though I never will – haha. I don’t like to waste time and money into materialistic things, but I’d rather keep those energy to go on a walk in the snow with my dogs. Spiritual awakening is more important than heels and cool outfits. I also like tattoos, and one year ago I started tattooing friends and myself, just for fun.

You are from Italy, tell us a bit more about riding at home?

Riding in Italy is not as easy as it is in other countries, you will always have to move from one resort to another. I’ve been a bit of everywhere through our Northern Alps and every mountain is special in its very own way.

As we can see, you as well ride a lot in the United States, France and Switzerland. What does it mean to you to travel and see different kind of Snowparks?

It’s always inspiring to visit other parks in order to meet passionate people, but also creative riding and shaping. What I could notice is that even if we are miles away from one another we are a strong community, maybe thanks to social media that makes it faster to check someone else riding.

How did you got into riding the park?

I usually enjoyed the mountain on its backcountry side, hikes up and powder turns down. But we evolve, always seeking for new emotions from this sport that offers so many possibilities of fun. So I got into riding the park and never left.

Your style looks extremely smooth, how could you overcome your own fear and progress your snowboarding to the level you are?

I think it’s just about staying on the board as much as you can or the meaning you put into your riding. If you are motivated in what you do, step by step you can overcome anything and it will feel less scary every time you try a new trick. Be humble, try again, never give up!

You have your own 3 minutes clip with GucciSquad, it turned out insane – congrats to that! How did that come together and can we expect more footage from this upcoming season?

Thanks! I appreciate that. As I said everything comes with efforts, fears and pain, the more you care about it, the more you will have good results. Here I have to thank my boyfriend Andre for filming me and believing in me. Gucci Squad was born for fun between me and him, but now we have many friends that join our video production. This is the fifth year we release park footage and we will keep on doing it for sure, you can’t stop doing what makes you happy!

What are your personal goals for this upcoming season and what are the spots you will travel to?

I realize that nowadays street riding is more important than ever. Even if you go outside and just do a Ollie! So maybe yes, more street riding for sure. I will be in Livigno for the winter season, where I work as a snowboard instructor, summer in Zermatt and in between maybe some Whistler or California. Nothing is fixed but the willing is strong.

We wish you all the best with that – Thanks for your time Elena!

Thank you Tanja for involving me and for what you do for girls with Chixxs on Board!

Foto by Igor Swieczak – @screwdge

Follow Elena Graglia on Instagram – @elenuh_g

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