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INTERVIEW | Becoming a surfing mum and being a pregnant surfer – Caity Griffin

As a woman we do have our own kind of go through since we`re little girls dreaming about our future! And as older as we get, we do realize what we want, for some of us one thing would be to become a mum. When we first saw Cavity’s Instagram Account, we did realize how impressive her surfing is! She did travel to the best surf spots all around the globe and even worked on the Maldives as a surf guide – I mean what do you want more?! Realizing that Caity is becoming a mum, made it even more beautiful. So, before she even got birth her baby boy, Catiy took some time for an interview with us about becoming a surfing mum and being a pregnant surfer – enjoy!

Hi Caity, could you give us a little intro about yourself?
My name is Caitlin Griffin, I’m 26, my mom and dad taught me to surf when I was 3 years old in Cardiff By The Sea, San Diego, California. I surfed competitively for 10 years, moved to Hawaii for 1 year when I was 18. When I turned 20 I found out I got my dream job working in the Maldives as a surf guide on a resort where I met my husband. Since then we’ve been traveling and chasing swells all around the world. This past March we found out that I am pregnant and we are expecting a baby boy in December!

As a passionate Surfer, you`ve already have been to many different cultures and places all over. What destination would you call your second home and why?
I would say Maldives is like a second home to me, just because I’ve spent the most time there out of anywhere else I’ve traveled to. I’ve become very familiar with the waves in North Male and the locals on the island of Thulusdhoo have become our summer family.

San Diego, California is where you grow up, what do you truly love about the Cali-life and what do you miss while you’re at home, waiting for the next trip to get started?
As I was growing up I couldn’t wait to leave home, now every time I go back I realize more and more that it is truly a perfect place to live. The quality of life there is very special, the town I’m from is full of surfers and if there’s a good swell you can feel the energy and happiness in the air. It has one of the biggest yogi populations in the states, so you can find amazing health food along with that… I only spend 2-3 months at home at most the past 6 years so I really cherish my time there with my family and if anything I always wish I could stay longer.

At the moment, you’re not surfing by yourself, there is a little baby boy growing inside you – congratulations! What changed for yourself and your surfing from the moment on you realized that your pregnant?
Yes, thank you! I’ve been tandeming the last 8 months! I actually spent some time in the Maldives in the first and second month of my pregnancy. It was so hot, there was crazy current, and it was completely uncrowded. I was surfing really hard and found myself pretty nauseas and unusually tired.. but I wouldn’t say it hindered my surfing until about the 4th month. I was in France in the 3rd month of my pregnancy and we were surfing some beach break, that before my pregnancy I wouldn’t have been scared at all, but I caught myself really pulling back on a lot of waves and being quite hesitant.. So after the 4th or 5th month I started long boarding exclusively and surfed up until the 7th month. I think if I was still in California I’d be long boarding until my due date. Now I’m in Israel and the waves are not as forgiving or mellow as they are in California- even when it’s small it can be close-outy. So for now I’m taking a break from surfing for another couple months I suppose. I found it much easier than expected to not be traveling and getting barreled- even though I was seeing photos and videos of my husband in Indonesia and the Maldives all summer catching crazy waves. I just wanted to be home with my mama and the family!

There are many different opinions about being an active surfing mum. Some of them say you can’t or shouldn’t surf from the moment on you know, others surf until they can’t get there belly back up. What would you say on that topic as an experienced surfer?
I think it’s very individual and according to how you’re feeling as the pregnancy progresses. I’ve seen and heard of women surfing and paddling on their belly until 9 months. I also know avid-surfing women who had complications and knew they had to stop after the 5th month. If you are in tune with your body and listen to it then I think it’s better than listening to others opinions. I made sure after the 5th-6th month that I wasn’t paddling out anywhere if it was too crowded, I bought a 9’4 longboard so I could paddle better on my knees as I didn’t feel so comfortable paddling all the time on my tummy. I can be quite aggressive in the water and I told myself I need to let go and if anyone is paddling on my wave just straighten out and let them have it. If you get stressed and frustrated you lose focus and that’s when accidents can happen. As long as you realize that you are putting yourself at risk when you surf pregnant and are willing to accept the consequences if something happens, then you just have to do what feels right for you.

Many of us female surfers think they should better wait some more years until they get to be a mum because after the baby is born, your live will change in a different direction. Have you ever been scared about that fact that there could be less time for your passion and traveling?
I honestly never thought I’d be pregnant now, haha but this is life! I’d say after spending the whole last winter in Morocco I was the strongest and most confident I’ve ever been in the water. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks after leaving Morocco and at first I was really worried that I will never surf like I did, I’ll lose my strength, and won’t be able to travel as much. As the pregnancy progressed, I didn’t really mind taking a break. Having a little human growing inside of me has been the most amazing experience of my life. My husband and I are already planning trips to Indonesia when the baby will be 6 months and I know I have a lot of support in him. If anything the baby will make our trips more fun and exciting I think.

What hint would you give other surfer mums getting their baby soon?
Enjoy your pregnancy! Swim in the ocean as much as you can, surf as long as your body allows. Show your baby your love for the sea. Coming to a meditative more aware state of mind is much easier while pregnant, so take advantage of that and connect with the nature around you. These are my personal goals as a surfer mum as well, leaving the earth more beautiful for our children than it was for us and passing on a deep respect and wonder for the ocean.

We wish you truly the best with your baby boy, a healthy start into a new capture and lots of love! Thanks for your time Caity!

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