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The beauty of surfing, is much more than just riding the biggest waves on this planet. To reflect the own feeling and passion, the connection with the wave and your own board, mixed up with a personal creativity – that`s what we call BEAUTY! When we started to follow Chloe Calmon on her journey of Longboarding, we could even see that beauty trough her pictures! We just had to get to know her a bit more, to spread out this inspiration and that lovely way of Surfing and to reflect a style that lives since the 50`! We`re happy to say: Let`s get to know Chloe Calmon!

Foto by: Fellipe Ditadi

Hi Chloe, we`re happy to get to know you a bit better! Where are you surfing at the moment?

I’m at home, enjoying the waves at Rio de Janeiro , Brazil

You`re born and raised in Rio de Janeiro-Brasil, how did everything started for you with surfing?

My dad is a surfer and he was the one that took me to the beach and to the ocean for the first time. I had pictures on his longboard as a baby, but at 11 I won my first surfboard – a funboard. Then at 12 I borrowed his longboard one day and I fell in love with it right on my first wave!

Whit your talent to Longboard, you’re a well known surfer all over the world. How would you describe your own feeling about surfing?

It’s such a peaceful moment, where I become one with the wave & my surfboard. Longboarding is fun due its versatility, and you can express your own personality on top of the board.

Sometimes it feels like, in Switzerland, Longboarding is still not that common like surfing a short board. What do you think is the real different between those two styles?

In the competitive scene of longboard, Europe is one of the strongest continents! I have lots of friends from France, Portugal and Italy… for me the main difference between longboard and shortboard is their roots. Everything started with longboards, Back in the 50′ and 60′ with the big wood boards. Then with the surfboard revolution and the discover of new materials to built a surfboard it got shorter and shorter.

Foto by: Fellipe Ditadi

By what age did you started to progress in surfing and did anything changed in that time distance since then?

After two years competing, I turned professional at 14. Got the wildcard for the World Longboard Championships at 15. Then I think everything has changed. It was always my big dream to be among the best surfers in the world, and when I got there with 15 years old (I already had a national title) I felt so tiny… and with some much to learn. I realized that to be there it would demand me hard work, long time and to always believe in myself. And now after 8 years, I got my first win on the tour.

What are your passions besides surfing?

I love staying with my family! My mom usually travels with me, but it’s so good when us 4 are all together (I have a younger sister too).

I also love to be active. I like all kinds of activities. And when I’m not training, I like to draw on my boards.

There are many people who think that some female surfer break down the athletic respect with wearing close to nothing, while surfing! What is your opinion about the female surf community?

I think the main issue when you go surf is that you can just be and express yourself in your way. People are and think different, but to me what I wear should make me feel comfortable and confident about myself.

Where are your top 5 Longboard Surf Spots?

Macumba Beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Byron Bay – Australia

Encinitas – California USA

La Saladita – Mexico

Riyuebay – Hainan, China

Do you have any hint for the ladies who would like to get better in Longboarding, about their equipment or learning process?

Longboarding is all about trying new things: different boards, shapes, fins, even waves. I always like to surf in different conditions, change fins, borrow my friends’ boards… it’s so interesting to see that a tiny detail can make a big difference. And with the 2 main lines for longboarding – the traditional and the progressive – I like to watch surfers of both styles and see how they read the wave.

What are your personal goals for this upcoming year?

For the World Longboard Championships, we have two events this year – PNG and Taiwan in November. I’m pretty excited about the last stop, I’ve never been there before and also never been the rankings leader… so let’s see how it goes.

Also I’m planning to do some trips to record few tv shows from a Brazilian TV channel (OFF).

But the most important goal is to have fun, and enjoy every single moment of the journey.

We wish you all the best Chloe – Thanks for your time!

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