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Driven by a pure passion, the love of nature and damn hard work! As well known as the “danger Pony”, she is putting always 100% into her projects and dreams – even if it ends in injuries or difficult situations. Jess Kimura is one of the all-round talented ladies out there progressing day by day. To give up is no option, even more she finds her on way to learn out of it to get her style and snowboarding even better. We`re absolutely stoked about the chance to get to know Jess Kimura a bit better – enjoy the interview!

ben-birk-jess-kimura-snowboarding-7-940x626Foto by: Ben Birk

Hi Jess, how are you and where are you at the moment?
I’m doing well, i’m at home in Canada!

You did spread out just a bit ago your amazing Full Part Movie, how was it to film all those sick spots?
Its always fun to film snowboarding but I had a difficult time last year with some injuries. I was in pain every day I was filming so it wasn’t easy.

I guess filming can be a damn pressure, how do you handle that and what do you think is important in a good Snowboard Movie?
There is definitely alot of pressure when filming especially because many times things don’t work out and there never seems to be enough time in the winter to get everything done.

As we know some folks call you the “Danger Pony”, how did that started and what do you think about that nickname?
That started when I was filming for Think Thank in 2010, I was always doing dangerous things and having really bad crashes so they just started calling me that and then everyone picked it up. I think its pretty funny but I definitely don’t want to crash like that anymore haha.  

ben-birk-jess-kimura-snowboarding-1-940x626Foto by: Ben Birk

In the last few years you had lots of accidents, some really bad ones even took you away part of the seasons. How do you deal with it and do you think there is a learning process behind it?
Yeah, i’ve had lots of injuries.  Its always hard when you are unable to snowboard and you feel like you are missing out but I’ve done it so much at this point I usually take a few days to be sad about it and then shake my head and kick into gear doing physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  I try to use getting injured as a way to become stronger.

Following you is absolutely inspiring, you kill it at street spots, in the Backcountry terrain and as well in the big parks all over. How would you describe your own passion?
I  just love expressing myself through snowboarding and I love being outside in nature and in the snow.

Where do you see yourself more in the next few years?

 ⊗ Riding the Backcountry

 ⊗ Riding some sick Street Spots

What are your goals for this up coming season?
I want to help other girls get their video footage out there so I am hoping to put together some awesome edits.

Do you have any hint for our ladies out here?
Just don’t give up, and accept that sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to but that doesn’t mean you should quit.  You have to fall before you learn to walk!

Thanks Jess for your time, we wish you a safe and absolute fun winter season!

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