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Whit a growing female Snowboard Community we often catch up with those radical riders all over the world who progress in a massive way. As we found Kristiina Nisula a Finish pro rider, we realized that there is so much more besides the results! We had the chance to get to know her a bit more and immediately perceived how much love she has for her passion! This Lady is spreading such good vibes that we actually all want to spend time and ride with her! With her own way of progression, she creates this healthy mix out of amazing riding and a absolute addicted snow lover that we just had to Interview her for all of you – Let`s get to know Kristiina Nisula!


We are truly happy to get to know you a bit better, how are you doing and where are you at the moment?

Hejjaa! I’m doing really good, I just landed home in Finland. I kicked off my season in Saas-fee, what a lovely place to be!

Summer just goes into autumn, as a pro Snowboarder, what do you do in summer to keep yourself happy and fit?

I lived in Lapland over summer, which was a new experience for me in a good way. I did a lot outdoor activities like hiking, biking and I started to stand up paddle. First I thought, this is might lame and only for ‘’old’’ people but after doing it a few times I found it really relaxing. On bad weather days I went to the gym – no pain no gain! Besides all the sport I enjoyed some cool festivals in south Finland. Ruisrock was one for the books, good music and good friends!

You are a badass Snowboarder from where do you get your inspiration and motivation?

Lately I’ve been watching old snowboard movies. They are the banger!
I watch them closely and get super inspired by them and of course through my friends and other riders. The humblest things motivate me: new grap on my favorite trick, tweaking a trick differently, carving and jibbing on the slope! Keeping it simple!

As winter is getting closer, what is the most excited part of it for you?

I’m really psyched about the upcoming season over all. I’m really, really excited to go surfing in Bali for two weeks in beginning of November. I won this surf trip from Wappulounas last spring (btw. the best spring event in finish spring), which makes it even more special to me. After that one I’m heading straight to South Korea for the Olympic test event to check out the Big air.
This season is going to be hectic with travelling, let`s see where my board brings me. For more follow me on Instagram @Kirstiina!



Your absolute biggest dream?

Having a house on four wheels, so I could live where I wanted and chase the snow!

The end of the worst party ever?

Well, when I forgot the time floating and realized I’ve got to work in the morning.

Your most painful accident?

Latest rape in the ass on a almost Bs 7

Favorite Buddy to shred?

Everyone who has a good vibe while riding!

The biggest habit you live with?

Wool socks, I bring them everywhere. Doesn’t mater what`s the wetter like!

We have seen you at few different big events, what are your goals for the future?

As I said earlier, this season is going to be really hectic with all the competitions since the Olympics are coming up in 2018. My calendar is full booked and it is the beginning of the season. I will be doing world cup competitions, in big air and slopestyle to collect some points for the 5 ring games and hopefully have also some time for other cool events like the Nanshan open, which is the best event and competition I’ve been, so far!
Ultimate cool would be to film something during the season as well. That is a thing I haven`t figured out yet how I could combine the tight contest schedule and the filming part.

As the female scene is growing and the progression is getting more and more massive, what do you think about your female friends riding?

The progression of women snowboarding is growing so fast. There is so much that has changed the last few years in the scene. Sometimes I think, where is it going that fast… Girls are going nuts, which is really cool to see and it keeps us pushing each other to a new level of riding. I mean Klaudia, Anna and Jamie, wow, they just make riding look so easy and throwing 1080 just like that. Right now I’m really stoked on where girls snowboarding is going! My ultimate favorite rider is Christy Prior. She has a badass style and jibs rails like a dude!

Can Snowboarding get scary to you, while to level is growing and the tricks are getting higher and more and more crazy?

Sometimes but I’m riding on my own level. If I get scared I can`t enjoy riding as much as I want. But sometimes it is good to go out of my comfort zone to upgrade my riding.

Besides hitting big jumps and riding long rails, how would you describe your own passion?

Snowboarding is like art on two edges. You are the artist and you can make whatever you feel like. My passion is, to be outside with good people on the mountains and ride the fluffy snow. The coolest thing is that every day is different on the slope, you never know how the next day is going to be!

Thanks Kristiina for your time, we hope to see so much more of your happy soul – keep it up and an amazing start into season 2016/17!

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