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She’s used to icy cold conditions, and made the big amount of snow in Québec Canada to her own playground. While others pay for expensive season passes, Marjorie Counturier finds her creative obstacles all over the streets. She is part of the TooHard crew and spends all of her winter out, getting those inspiring and breathtaking shoots that we can’t get enough of! In our interview with Marjorie, we wanted to know, how she got into riding those street spots and most important, how she creates her own balance between struggling with fear and actually having the best time of her live.

Photo by:  Adam Harris | Perisher, Australia

Hi Marjorie, could you give us a quick intro about yourself?
Hi! I’m Marjorie Couturier, a French Canadian from Québec city, who is in love with Nutella. I started snowboarding when I was 13 years old and I don’t even know why I wanted to try this. It was with a school activity and I’ve chosen to try snowboard. I remember how terrible I`ve been, but I really liked it! The year after, my dad surprised me and bought me the worst used snowboard ever. He didn’t know anything about snowboarding. The board was an way too tall old K2 Snowboard. And the year after that, I got my first brand new Snowboard for Christmas and got my season pass at the local resort: Le Relais. Since that, I never stop doing this sport! I found a true passion! Love you dad!

How did you get into riding street spots?
I always wanted to push myself and push my limits. So, I started slowly with one of my friend Joanie Robichaud. Then, I started riding seriously street spots 3 winters ago with TooHard and friends in Québec.

To see some of your perfect shoots while riding a handrail, is already mind blowing. But what is your drive to keep on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone again and again and again?
I don’t really know! It’s just that feeling. That feeling to push yourself more and more! It is so much satisfied when you`ve landed your trick after all the work and effort. You just feel accomplished and happy. Nothing’s better than that feeling!

Could you give us a little example of a struggling situation you had with your Snowboard?
Haha, I have a couple in my mind… But I think it’s when I wanted to start riding street seriously. I was by myself and there were no other girls in Quebec riding street spots. So I wanted to go with the boys, to do better and bigger spots. I asked so many times to go with them and no one wanted me. They didn’t believe that I will be able to follow them. But I grabbed a shovel, my Snowboard and my motivation and proved them. From that moment on I was able to ride with them! And now I’m here and ride most of my winter with boys that i now can call my crew – French Fragrance!

You`re a member of the TOO HARD ladies crew, how did you met Danyale and what does it means to you, to be part of such a big movement?
I met Danyale in Boston 3 winters ago. It was a random road trip for me. At this time, I was injured. I broke my collarbone the spring before and got a surgery at the beginning of the winter. After that, I got a really bad infection in my bone. I was stuck at my dad’s place for 2 months. I had a pick-line in my arm to administer my antibiotics. I never had a winter that boring. But one day, Danyale sent me a message by Facebook. She said: “Hey! We are in Boston, do you want to come?” I was like: “she can’t be serious.” But she was! So between two appointments at the doctor, I jumped into my car and drove 7 hours to Boston to met Danyale and spend 4-5 days there with the crew. Haha! It was the best opportunity for me! I couldn’t t say no!!

Video by: Danyale Paterson | TooHard

You live in Québec, one of the coldest winter spots in Canada. Is home what you ride and love the most or would you rather be somewhere else?
I like to try to touch of everything and have variety. Not just doing down rails. I like to jump from roofs, walls ride, find some new stuff. I put a lot of time doing street during the winter, so I’m not really riding at the mountain. But once the winter is done here, I take my van and my dog and drive to Whistler, BC, to spend the spring there. It’s the best time for me to end my season, ride a nice park with my friends and practice more tricks.

How would you describe a winter in Québec?
Cold, cold, ice, cold, rain, ice, cold. And snow!

What vibe or hint could you give someone who would like to start riding some street spots?
Stay focused on your goals, stay determined and be creative. Riding street spots is never easy, it’s a lot of work. You will need confidence! And don’t forget your shovel.

Who is your personal inspiration for your own progression?
I don’t have one person in particular. All my personal inspiration is coming from my friends around me that I meet while I snowboard and travel. They bring me good motivation to keep on doing it.

Fall already arrived, what are your goals for this upcoming winter?
My goals for this winter are pretty simple. I’m going to have my winter off and ride as much as possible! I will stay in Quebec for more street days and really want to film a part. Maybe I will do some road trips to the States. I don’t really make plans, plans never work! I just go with the flow!

Photo by:  Samuel Vachon | Chicoutimi, Quebec

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