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Interview: Let`s get to know – Sarah Thorèn

I AM STOCKED – Als ich von Sarah Thorèn  hörte konnte ich es nicht lassen mehr über sie zu erfahren. Denn dieses CHIXX mit Rastas und dem unglaublichen Stil auf ihrem Skate hat mich umgehauen. Sie beweist das auch in der Street Skate Sparte, Frauen ihren Platz haben! Nebst ihrem Riesen Talent hilf sie in Schweden, mehr Frauen auf die Skateboard zu bringen und hat nur schon deswegen ein Riesen HANDS UP verdient! Eine junge Frau die ihren Zielen nachgeht, glücklich ist und dies durch und durch lebt! ENJOY

T.a:How did everything started with skateboard?

S.t: Well, everything started in my neighborhood in Uppsala. My brother and his friends always went to the local skate spot after school and I loved to joined them. I remember that my brother hated to have his little sister hanging around with his best friends. Probably he thought I was to young and disturbing hehe. It did’t take long until he realized that I had a talent for skateboarding. So one day, he told to my parents to buy a board for my birthday. Which they did. And since then skateboarding has been a big part of my life.

Was there any special person who gave you good vibes and push?

I actually have a lot of people who have support and pushed me during the years. All my friends out there, who have skate with me everyday in the summer, my sponsors and of course my brother. So It’s difficult to pick just one. All you guys are awesome!!

Sarah Thorén kicking Trondheim from Transition Magazine on Vimeo.

What do you do beside skateboarding?

For the moment I working with a project together with “No Limit” (www.nolimitskate.se), which is a network working to include more women to the skateboard scene. Usually we organize skate camps, workshops, skate tours etc, and right now we have this big project in the pipeline. We are going to produce a book and tell the story how the women’s skate scene have developed through the year in Sweden. But it’s more like a “Coffe Table book” than a pure history book. We have interviewed a couple of people who have inspire the scene and who work for a more gender equal skateboard scene. We will also show how No Limit has been working during the years.
I’m the leader of the project and we cooperate with a book publisher called Dokument Press. We are planning to have the release in September. So hold out!

How do you describe your passion?

What I like about skateboarding is the simplicity. All you need is a skateboard and an area to go to. That´s why I love it! You can skate when you feel happy and just hang out with friend or if you feel sad it’s a perfect way to go out and clear you toughs.

Streetskating is pretty hard, and there are not that much CHIXXS out there doing it! Was it hard to start everything because there are not to many girls for the support?

It has actually never been a problem for me to start because I´m lucky to have a lot of people around me who have supported me from the beginning. But sometimes it could be really hard to start skate if you are a women. The scene can have a really tough attitude and it shouldn’t be like that. That´s why we in No Limit (www.nolimitskate.se) are so dedicated to change that. Because skateboarding should be something for everyone!

Foto by: Sebastian Thorèn

Whats your favorite track?

I like to turn on some reagge rythm’s and going skateboarding the hole day long!

If you could give the chixxs out there a hint, what would it be?

Skateboard is too fun not to try, so let’s do it!


Foto by: RaminG

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