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While getting to know this amazing personality a bit more, we did realize her extremely deep passion for snowboarding. It`s not that normal kind of passion you might need to get better in what you do and to stay motivated. It`s much more than that! Because she spreads those vibes with every sentence and step she does, we truly know that Veroniqi Hanssen is just starting her journey of Snowboarding into something so much bigger! While we can`t wait for more of those rad pictures and hopefully more and more minutes of good street footage, we thought it`s time for a little “Let`s get together” – Enjoy!

Hi Veroniqi, how are you doing and where are you right now?
Hey! I’m great, currently in the Netherlands preparing for winter, probably going to spend my winter in Salt Lake City this season.

As you say in your Instagram profile, you`re a dutch snowboarder, plant based and adventure driven person. So where exactly are your roots based and whats your resume?
I’m from the Netherlands and grew up there. I started snowboarding in the indoor domes and that made me want to start travelling to the mountains.
After spending a few months in Mayrhofen, Austria in 2010 I decided I really wanted to go to California and ride Bear Mountain, so that’s what I did in 2011 and after that I just kept returning to the US every winter to try and improve my snowboarding and film a street part. Spending all that time outdoors really made me love going on adventures, hiking and exploring. Being an active person I’m always researching how to stay healthy, and caring about the environment I really wanted to reduce my carbon footprint and boycott animal cruelty so I choose a vegan/plantbased diet and really think it’s the best choice for me.

Handrails seems to be your passion, but if you look back some years, how would you describe your snowboard journey till yet?
Yes definitely, I think because I started riding in the indoor domes, rails really have always been my main focus. We don’t have very big jumps or natural features so you challenge and enjoy yourself by learning new rail tricks and trying to do them with as much style as possible. And I watched every street part and snowboard movie that came out and decided that that was what I wanted to do as well. Riding outdoors for the last winters has definitely broadened my horizon, but my focus hasn’t shifted and street is still the most interesting to me.
I think it’s because of the creativity and freedom to do exactly what you want to do, it’s like trying to realize a vision that’s in your head.

It`s extremely tough to get those insane street snowboarding footage, what does motivate you the most to keep on falling and winning and falling again?
What motivates me is that I just really want to create a video part that girls and people will want to watch again and again. Create something I’m proud of and that’s inspiring.
I haven’t accomplished that yet so I’m just going to keep going until I do. I’m willing to work as hard as I can for that, it almost feels more like a need than a want. Because it’s not really that much fun honestly, and it can be hard to find people that are motivated, but just nothing compares to that feeling when it finally works out.

What would you say is the most important thing for a perfect street spot to ride?
Just that it matches a trick you have in your head I guess. I don’t know every spot is different so you just look for something that matches what you want to do or find something cool and let it inspire what you want to do.

If you could take your shovel and camera to the perfect spot, who would you take with you if you have any choice that you want?
A good filmer and then Ivika Juergenson, her confidence works as a boost for me and we’re very similar in how we approach spots, we work hard and have a similar mentality about it. And the kind of spots we want to ride. It’s a really good match and we get a lot of work done together.

What’s your personal difference between riding a chairlift with a perfect shaped park or an untapped street spot?
I love riding park because it’s so much fun and fast and you really get to just play around and try some new things. Going to a spot is about hard work, focus, overcoming fear and accomplishing something. They’re two very different things to me.

If there are any girls out there who would love to get more into Street Snowboarding, is there a hint you could tell?
Just grab a shovel and a friend and start doing some small stuff and work your way up. If you’re serious about it and work hard you can do anything. Or just call me, I’ll go with you haha.

What are your dream goals for this upcoming winter, besides strong snowfall?
Just putting everything I got into filming a part this winter, so I hope it snows and I hope I get a lot of opportunity to travel. And maybe I’m starting a new project this winter, if you follow me on instagram you’ll find out for sure.

Thanks a lot for your time Veroniqi – we wish you all the best!

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