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Interview: Let’s get to know Maria Thomsen!

When I think of someone who truly inspires me, one of the top 5 names that pop of in my head is MARIA THOMSEN. Not only her extremely creative riding but her very own personality and mindset of living that life full of passion! Snowboarding is so much more than just results, its a deep connection with what you love, something we simply had to share with you all in our interview with Maria Thomsen.

Tanja How did everything start for you with snowboarding?

Maria – I never even thought about snowboarding until I was about 19 and a few of my friends went to Whistler for a season. I took a break from school to go visit them and I got hooked on snowboarding right away. I think the aspect of being surrounded by big mountains which was so different from Denmark, the challenge and progressions snowboarding was bringing me and the whole snowboard community felt like something I just wanted to be a part of. Two years later, after finishing school, I moved to Whistler and snowboarding has been my main guide through life ever since. 

Tanja – You grew up in Denmark, where exactly do you live now and what is the most important in your eyes to feel “home” somewhere? 

Maria – I live in Pemberton. Its a small town 30k outside of Whistler, British Columbia. I think the main factors for me to feel at home is my son, my friends and the mountains. I mean Denmark will always feel like home to me in someway, most of my family is there and I love to go visit, but I couldn’t imagine living away from the mountains. 

Tanja – We had the true pleasure to see your full part in those 30 minutes of The UNINVITED, what does that crew means to you and how was that full experience to be a part of? 

Maria – The crew means a lot to me and it was a really cool project to be a part of. Everyone is so different which makes it rad cus everyone has something different to bring to the table. It was just cool to be filming with other women, who share the same passion to film a video part, as I do and then get the backing and support from Jess Kimura who is the biggest boss ever. I missed the first season of filming because I blew out my knee, but the second year was a mix of solo missions and trips with some of the girls. The whole experience was great and its something I’ll never forget. 

Photo: Callingmountains

Tanja To be creative in street spots, requires much more than just being a good rail rider. What would you say is the real difference between street spots and those perfectly shaped snow parks? 

Maria – Before filming street I thought I could do any trick in the street, that I could do in the park. I quickly realized that thats not the case. At least not until you have lots of experience. Street is much harder, nothing is perfect like the park is and there’s higher consequences. Street is hard work and getting beat up. Park is fun and good for learning new tricks. 

What fulfills you more?

Definitely to film a clip in the street or to film a video part is more fulfilling and rewarding because theres a lot of hard work behind it.

How would you explain the title The UNINVITED and what connection do you feel to it?

The title comes from the fact that a lot of the time women aren’t invited to join snowboard events/video parts/photoshoots and so on. There is not much room, for many women if even any, in the industry and women are pulled out of projects or getting less money then men. I honestly didn’t really open my eyes to it until I became part of this project, but I am realizing that it is really important to support women just as much as it is to support men, so we can progress to a higher level and have the same chances. 

You are a professional rider and a mum, which could not be more inspirational as many women are super scared of getting into that next step even if they would be absolutely ready! What has changed since Tao, your son was born in your general life and specifically your career? 

I had just started exploring filming street, when I was pregnant with Tao. Since he was born, I have had way less time to myself, although I barely even remember what a life without him was like. Because I still love snowboarding as much as before he was born, I think I got more focused on what I wanted to do with my time and I just had this big passion and dream about filming a video part so I started doing it. I think people were expecting me to back off from snowboarding after he was born or at least to tone it down, but I’ve realized that its such a big part of my life and who I identify myself with, so in order for me to be a happy momma, I also gotta do what makes me happy. Career wise I’m getting more and more busy and I find myself struggling with being away from him for longer periods, but I am trying to keep a good balance between being a mom and a snowboarder. 

Where do you see the female part of snowboarding going? And what are your next goals after that mind-blowing riding at UNINVITED? 

I think that women snowboarding is progressing right now and I’m so excited about it. There is already so many killer women out there pushing the sport and inspiring me and I just want it to keep coming. I started out this season breaking my hip, so I have had a bit of a ‘slow’ start this year. I was filming for Xgames Realsnow when it happened, but luckily I have been able to finish the part before the deadline ended and the part will be releasing in March 2019. I want to keep doing what I’m doing and I want to keep pushing myself and progressing which is what keeps me motived. 

The Uninvited: Maria Thomsen Full Part from Jess Kimura on Vimeo.

Some short questions:

Your biggest personal wish? 

To stay healthy so I can keep boarding and be active. 

Your favorite resort?

Whistler backcomb 

Favorite trick?

Any trick with style 

Favorite babes to ride with?

Darrah Reid, Taylor Elliot, Alexa McCarty, Kenndi Deck, Jamie Nielsen, Sophie Austin 

I think that movie parts like yours at The UNINVITED really makes a difference! A change for the whole community, the industry and the vision of what we love the most.What is the message you want to spread with your riding?

I hope others find that same joy and passion in snowboarding as I do. If they see me as someone trying to progress womens riding and raising a family, I hope that motivates people to really go after their goals and dreams. Snowboarding is so many different things to so many different people and as a part of this industry, if people take anything away from me as a rider, I just hope its positive. 

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