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INTERVIEW | So let’s move all the daily habits and drop into a special kind of life, currently in Japan with Mirte!

Living pretty much out of a suitcase, is what you have to be born for! Constantly changing destinations combined with a good amount of creativity, is what Mirte calls her normal lifestyle. But what is really “normal” and how do people afford a life on the road living the dream?! Since we follow Mirte on her Instagram account we daily get inspired to keep up this exploring mode and to most importantly getting out there. We truly wanted to share this inspiration with all of you, what made us get to know Mirte van Dijk a bit better! So let’s move all the daily habits and drop into a special kind of life, currently in Japan with Mirte!

Hi Mirte, you`re currently in Japan. How are you and what are you doing at the most perfect powder paradise?

Hi Chixxs on Board! Thanks for reaching out! Yes, Japow! It has been on my list for a long time, but I think it’s on the list of every rider (thanks to the powder, sushi and beautiful culture). I have to say that the mountains and her snow have not been disappointing me yet. Every three to five days there is some new snow, a good season so far. I’m mostly working, riding, working, riding – repeat. I can work on the road when I have some good wifi, but I also currently help out in a lodge that will be renovated this summer. If you come to Hakuba Valley and want to explore the best two resorts (Norikura & Cortina have the most snow), you should check out Hakuba Cortina Lodge (online next season).

Could you might tell us a bit more about your roots?

Well, weirdly I come from the flattest country in the world: The Netherlands. It’s even below sea level, haha! My father learned me snowboarding (he is 65 but still visits me sometimes to make a run on the board) and since that moment I kept on riding. I was never a pro, I did do a lot of high level instructing though. Long story short: I figured that if I connect all the dots (university, experience and interests) I could maybe keep on riding… It took some effort, but I managed!

You call yourself a MVD Media, a travelling editor in chief, undercover content creator, modest marketer, digital nomad and haunting entrepreneur… How does a day in your life looks like, to explain your work a lot easier?

Every day I’m on the computer (e-mailing, social media, editing pictures, writing proposals and Google-ing answers to my questions) but I don’t have specific office hours. I can only plan and look forward for about three months. In the end I’m always writing texts for websites, magazines or catalogs. Or I’m shooting some pictures, but I’m just having fun with that.

Your work is full of creativity, what drives you to create those breathtaking pictures and stories over and over again?

That’s a very good question. I don’t really think about it too much, it’s really just happening, it’s a habit I guess. For sure you develop en eye for it, for the details that can make your work just a bit more interesting. But mostly I see possibilities in all ideas. The secret is maybe saying ‘yes’ to all opportunities and you will never get bored. I will get bored when I stay too long on the same spot though and to be honest with you: normally I travel about every six weeks.

You`ve been traveling a lot and with that you`ve found some unique personalities who have shaped your work. What was the most inspiring story for yourself?

That was far out my trip to Mongolia in spring last year. We were on the road in the highest mountain range of the country with some local snowboarders. Snowboarding is not that common over there, so it was very interesting and impressive. I have written a big story about it – it had to get out -, which you can find in several magazines from Europe to U.S.A.

What change, feeling or even emotion do you want to spread with your work?

I have been thinking a lot about that. Sometimes I feel useless, because what could my work do for society? What could people possibly motivate in doing after reading my stories? But I like to believe that it takes people out of their daily lives and motivates them to go out there, even when it’s just around the corner. Going nowhere is worse than regretting you went.

And have you changed personally in a way since your journey?

For a long time I thought I didn’t, but every time I’m back in Holland I notice that everything in my head changed. I used to feel stuck in the country I grew up in, now I know I can leave it is way easier to return. I can’t handle a daily rhythm that well, it makes me nervous when I’m pushed in one direction. But one thing is certain: I worry way less since I’m traveling!

If there is anything you want to achieve, what would it be?

Well there are two things and for both the process started this year. One thing is building a second company where I will work with media and athletes. The other thing is building a sustainable home in the Spanish Pyrenees, somewhere in the mountains. Like that I can at least really come home for a change (I will still be on the road every other 6 weeks, that will probably never change, haha!).

We know you from your Instagram Feed, what is the passion behind those pictures and what message would you like to spread with your account?

The pictures are very real, it’s me, it’s in that way very personal. That’s why I never use a lot of words, because some stories stay mine. To be honest Instagram was at first some sort of try out, I didn’t know it very well till two years ago. I still don’t care about the amount of likes, followers or comments: I like the feeling of being on a mountain top. And that feeling should not be just mine, so at least a picture can share that feeling with the like-minded ones.

Thanks a lot for your time Mirte, just the best for your future and we hopefully hear and see a lot more from you!

Follow Mirte on Instagram – @mirtewashere

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