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It`s a big honor tho present a short Interview with this RAD CHIXX – Let`s get to know AIMEE FULLER

When we think about AIMEE FULLER, than we pretty much see someone spinning, smiling all over her face and being as creative as hell. This rad lady is playing on the snow since 4 and now couple years later we see her as one of the best female snowboarder out there. Such an inspiring CHIXX – so we took our chance and had a small chat with AIMEE about her LIFE and LOVE!


Hi Aimee this winter season is already going to an end, how was your time the last few months?

The last few months have been crazy, so much travelling and a lot of fun on the read with the ladies! My favorite events of the season have been the 9 Queens event and the Spring Battle were I finished up in 3rd!


Since we follow you, we can see this amazing progression on your Snowboarding! How did everything started for you and who gave you this push to become a Pro Snowboarder?

I started out skiing at the age of 4, and at the age of 12 I lived in the Us, there was a small mountain an hour and a half away so I started snowboarding with some friends from school! I loved it, and begged my Mum to send me to Mt Hood for summer camp for my 16th birthday. When I was there I met Erin Comstock who then recommended me to Roxy! I then moved back to the UK 2 weeks after the camp and then received a phone call from Roxy inviting me out to Switzerland to train with the juniors! I had a blast and have been riding as much as I can ever since!


You grew up in the South of England with fast machines, did the time while you were riding motocross helped you to deal with your fears?

Motocross defiantly helped, with reading transitions and learning to jump, motocross is fast as well so when I was younger I never had any fear on my snowboard haha!


Do you sometimes get into that situation of life were your fear kind of defeated you?

Yeah for sure, it`s only normal to have fear, I think sometimes fear can be a good thing, it makes you step back, be present and think about what your about to do.


What does snowboarding means to you?

Snowboarding is my life, it`s a lifestyle, travelling the world, meeting new people and having a blast in the process. I am so blessed to be doing what I do so I am just making the most of every minute of it!


Five word`s who explain you the best?


After an amazing winter, what are your goals for the up coming summer?

I want to head down to Australia and ride down there, I went last year and the park s mega fun. I also would love to take a couple of weeks out of the gym routine to go and relax in the sun!


To the End, do you might have a hint for the CHIXXS out there who would like to progress and getting that super vibes and style like you have?

Every time you are on your snowboard try something new, not matter how small it is, that one new thing gets you stoked and makes you buzzing to come back again and again.



Aimee Fuller - Action

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