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Let`s get to know Ana Rumiha

Die Ana, eine echt talentierte junge Frau die weiß was sie will! Sie ist nicht nur ein wichtiges CHIXX der „Lipstick Production“, sie pusht die Frauen Boardsport Szene extrem und teilt ihr können gerne mit anderen. Ana ist ein Großes Vorbild, sie lebt und liebt das Snowboarden und zeigt wie viel Spass es macht den Park zu shredden. Lehn dich zurück und tauch mit ein bei „Let`s get to know Ana Rumiha“!

Hi Ana, how did everything started for you with Snowboarding?

I was skateboarding since I was 10 then one year we got plenty of snow in my hometown Zagreb, so we went up the local mountain and tried snowboarding. I loved it right away cos I could do all the slides I couldn’t do on a skate. Since than it was a struggle to stay on snow as much as possible but I never had quitting snowboarding as an option in my mind. I guess never giving up had to pay off one day and Julia Baumgartner noticed me on one Nikita contest, got me on the team and doors just started opening from then on. I never really pushed anything, I just sincerely enjoyed snowboarding from that 1st day till now.

What do you liked to most about the last Saison?

Last season was quite mellow. We decided to go back to the roots, travel together as friends, film when we feel like it and see what was going to come out of it. It turned out to be a really fun one, probably not as productive as it could’ve been but our hearts remembered why we started snowboarding in a first place and it was important for us to keep it that way. Our trip to Georgia was quite special, we did not expect Caucasus to be that beautiful so we’re planning to go there again this year.

By Carlos Blanchard

Foto by: Carlos Blanchard

If you need to describe your own Passion, how does that sounds like?

It’s waking up in the morning, being excited to jump out of the bed and go out knowning that what I’ll experience that day will make it worth living. Obviously snowboarding is closely connected to it since it gives me the opportunity to live that way. Creating something with your friends while being outdoors is what makes us humans happy. My other passion is our adriatic sea. I love to spend time on the island, far from big cities, being completely free, learning all the skills I missed growing up as a city kid. I have days when I feel like being really active, I can ride my bike for hours and enjoy it, there are days when I just read or enjoy making noises on a guitar, hanging out with people or being alone but I try that not a day goes by without me enjoying it in some way.

Your favorit Spot to shred?

That would definitely be Dachstein glacier. I started snowboarding there and it still feels like a hidden paradise. There’s never many people, the view is amazing, park is always good and it feels like home. I can rarely get enough of it.

Your favorite Track to shred?

I haven’t listen to any music while riding in a while, but now I started again and I usually like The Velvet Underground.


What are you doing besids Snowboarding?

Cycling a lot, skating a bit, learning to plant fruits and veggies, look at the sky. If you’d see a place I plan to live, not looking at the sky would be plain stupid. It is amazing, and the more I learn about it happier I am.

Ana you do a lot of Workshops and Coachings, what does that means to you?

Yes, Urska and me started to do short camps last year. The idea came accros cos I remembered how I had the wrong picture about the whole pro-snowboarder life when I started so I wanted to bring my view on snowboarding closer to the girls. They usually get discouraged by the boys or too competitive approuch and than they don’t enjoy it as much as they could. On the other hand, after I put all my energy into that and I see the progress I am happy. Not to mention that I appreciate my time on snow more after it. It’s a thing I once read in Feynman’s book that made me realize. You can’t really progress unless you teach others what you already know, no mather how stupid or boring it might seem to you.

Lipstick Production looks allways like a lot of fun, what is your Part behind that amazing film  production?

Conny and me are the ones who keep it running, from getting the budget to keeping the girls together as a little family. It’s a bit of work and emailing sometimes, and couple of times we felt we were over it but when the season ends and we see that we made something, left some trace and girls are giving us the love back it is all worth it. Looking at our 1st movie brings great memories even know, I can only imagine what smile will it bring in 10 years.

Do you get the same good PUSH if your shred with the CHIXX S, than with the boys?!

It’s different. Riding with girls is fun all the way, riding with guys is a hard work that usually results with stuff you didn’t know you were capable of. So I love both and it’s good to mix it.

By Patrick Steiner

Foto by: Patrick Steiner

If you got one hint fort he CHIXXS out there, what would that be?

Don’t waste your days. Every day is good to progress in some way. Never forget to have fun and enjoy the journey, take care of your friends, eat healthy, respect others, MOVE! Everything we do is connected in a way.

What are your goals for this Saison?

I’d like to go some new places and those are probably gonna be Canada and Alaska, learn a bit more about the mountains and handling powder, get some new stuff on the streets, laugh a lot. Then laugh some more.

How does your perfect day looks like?

I’d have winter and summer version of my perfect day:

Winter would be a usual bluebird powder day with my friends, no cameras, riding all the day and then sharing the experience in the evening next to the fire in a lodge.

My perfect summer day is everyday on the island Hvar. I wake up with the sun, go for a swim, get on the bike, ride around and collect fruit for breakfast, relax in the sun, go longboarding, listen to older island people, get on the boat and sail or get on the small boat and try to catch fish in the sunset, having a random conversation with my friends, get tired and fall asleep at 10pm.

Dachstein summer edit from AnaRumiha on Vimeo.

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