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Let`s get to know Anne-Cécile Leyvraz – the more you skate, the more confident you get!

If you read trough this Interview with this RAD Lady, you rapidly will realize how much passion and love she has for Skateboarding! Where ever and when ever – Anne-Cécile can`t get enough from it, she loves to meet new people, travel around and skate all kinds of places. A Swiss CHIXX from the French part that presents a strong woman following her dreams. Let`s get to know Anne-Céline Leyvraz!

AC_abo atash skatepark_Teheran_Iran

Hi Anne-Cécile how are you doing and where are you at the moment?

I’ve been around, enjoying the summer in Switzerland. Spent probably more time in the water than on my board. I am now getting ready for a road trip to Poland and Czech Republic. Hopefully my old car will make it in one piece!

As we know your biggest passion is Skateboarding, let`s start with everything around, what are you doing besides Skateboarding and how did everything started for you?

My neighbors had a mini (micro?) ramp in their living-room. As far as I remember, it was love at first sight. This is how it all started. Of course, I had “tried” to skate before, borrowing friends’ boards for a few seconds, but I did not take it any further at that time.

Shortly after I started I went and lived in parts of the world that had no infrastructures, not even concrete roads, so skateboarding was not really an option there. When I would come back to Switzerland for a short time, I would go back to the living-room and try again. It feels like I began skateboarding so many times!

Did it sometime felt hard to Skateboard for you in this man-dominated scene?

Well, not that much. This doesn’t really matter to me and in any case, I am like in a bubble when I skate.

But to be fair, looking from the opposite perspective, I still find it cool to see other girls skating. It always cheers me up when I am on a spot and I see I am not the only woman there. True, this does not happen so much.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 14.56.28

How would you describe your Passion and what does it really means to you to push yourself trough the city?

Sure, I will try and skate as much as I can, for as long I possibly can. The day my body can’t take it anymore, I will just get myself a scooter.

What kind of Skateboarding do you prefer?

I am up for whatever, as long as friends are around. I can go skateboarding alone, but somehow, it just doesn’t feel the same. I also like to combine skateboarding and traveling. Best way to meet some really cool people.

Your worst drop?

One of the first actually. It was at the skatepark of Morges. My friend told me I should really go for it, so I went, too much. I squashed on the flat. My elbows never fully recovered.

Do you have a hint for the CHIXXS out there that are often struggling with their own confidence?

Nay, not really. I ain’t no wise lady unfortunately! I guess, boy or girl, the more you skate, the more confident you get, no? At least, till the day you hurt yourself seriously, and then it starts all over again.

What are your up coming goals for the rest of this summer?

Just to name a few: go more often to the Swiss German part to see my friends there; learn some polish words; skate a lot, while at the same time hoping my ankle heals; mess around; … actually, just the usual stuff!

We hope to hear even more from you, thanks for your time!


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