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Let`s get to know Caroline Degardh

How did everything start for you with snowboarding?

I thought snowboard was really cool as a kid, but i was skiing. So when i started working in a skate/snowboardshop i figured it was time to change.

How would you describe your passion?

I forget everything else when i snowboard. I cant ever ride with music or talk to friends in the park, cause it distracts me. I just love the feeling of being kind of free and creative i guess.

As we can see in your Edit, you had a lot of fun last season! What was your best expirience?

Well, last season was a real struggle actually. I fucked my shoulder up during the pre season and it never got good. However, the best thing is always the springshred in the end of the season, when you and your friends have came home from whatever trip youve been on, and just ride for fun!

From where do you get that amazing push to get better?

Ive had it from the beginning. I didnt just wanna try snowboarding out, I wanted to be kind of good. I hate not being good at stuff! So when I started I was just throwing myself like a crazy person. Neither good or steezy, but i learnt that nothing comes for free and if you wanna progress you will most likely get a bit hurt on the way there.
Your favorit place to shredd?

I love Åre. One of the bigger resorts in the middle of Sweden. And Bear Mountain of course, that place is amazing.

Your favorit track to shredd?

Pentagram with Relentless

What are your goals for this season?

Not beeing hurt! For sure.


How do you like the swiss mountains?

Ive just been there once, in Saas Fee. Conditions werent the best, but its a really beautiful place!

Do you have a hint for the CHIXXS out there?

Dont go in vans with strangers, drink your coffee black, litsen to Black Sabbath, tune your edges well and never forget to wax your board – you can never get enough speed!

What are you doing besides snowboarding?

Im skateboarding and doing regular stuff haha. I wish i could say „playing music“ but im the worst, such a shame.

Your perfect day?

I wake up in the company of friends, eats unlimited amount of breakfast, meet up with more friends and goes snowboarding first chair last call-style. Then we go skateboarding and get drunk.

This is probably not the prefect day, but a really good one i had a couple of weeks ago!


Birthday: 10 december

Homemountain: Hammarbybacken and Åre

Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Transform gloves, Nescafé, Ashbury, SK posse, Stitch n stones

Caroline Degardh Full Part 2013 from SCANDALNAVIANS on Vimeo.

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