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Let`s get to know Christiana Smith – an inspirational skater girl that spreads the change!

Sie kommt aus Detroit Michigan ist 19 Jahre jung und gehört nicht zu den normalen CHIXXS in ihrem Alter. Die rede ist von Christiana Smith, eine skaterin mit enormer Leidenschaft die sie gerne teilt. „There are many factors in this world that try to tell us that its “not right” for a girl to do certain things.“ – Christiana jedoch möchte genau das ändern, Frauen aus der ganzen Welt mehr Selbstvertrauen vermitteln und ihnen eine Plattform bieten wo das Skaten an erster Stelle steht. Mit ihrem Riesen Talent, liebt es Christiana eigene Tricks auf ihre Art und Weise zusammen zu stellen. Unserer Meinung nach eine absolut inspirierende junge Frau die wir euch gerne näher Vorstellen möchten – Let`s get to know Christiana Smith!


Hi Christiana how have you been the last weeks? Do you enjoy the summer?
Hey! I’ve been great, got to go home and visit family for a little and attend Girls Riders Organization’s 10th anniversary in New York in these past couple of weeks, had a great time. Summer has been great so far looking forward to the rest of it!

How old are you now and where are you from originally?
I’m 19yrs old. I’m from Detroit, Michigan

So, let`s get into your Skateboarding story! How did everything started and who joined you since the very beginning?
 I’ve always been fascinated with skateboarding since I was young. My brothers used to have fake skateboards and I used to take them and use them more than they did, practicing ollie’s in the grass. Then finally some of my friends from school all started skating. After that I begged my parents to get me a real skateboard and have been in love with it ever since. I still skate with maybe two or three of my friends I skated with from the very start but have met tons of new people along the way skating who I love to skate with from all over the world.

You do a lot with MAHFIA. TV and GIRLSSKATELA what does it means to you, to be part of a female Community?
It means so much to me. I have most recently started Girls Skate LA, skate sessions once a month bringing female skaters of all ages/ abilities together to shred in a judgment free, safe, and comfortable environment in Los Angeles. I starting doing girls sessions in my hometown first about 2 years ago with GRO ( Girls Riders Organization) and the inspiration I got from that inspired me to continue them with my move to LA. Super thankful to have influential companies/ organizations that support what I’m doing like MAHFIA.TV , GRO, Skate Like a Girl, etc.

It can be intimidating for a female to want to start skateboarding or to continue skating because it’s such a male dominated sport.  There are many factors in this world that try to tell us that its “not right” for a girl to do certain things. So to me the sessions are a way to help all girls feel accepted, confident and empowered enough to keep shredding. Providing a event where we can get a lot of girls together to meet fellow girls who skate, inspire each other, and lift each other higher while having a fun time doing what we love means the world to me. Especially when it comes to the younger girls coming up, I think back to where I was when I first started and the struggles I faced. I never even knew other female skaters existed, and when I found out there were, it gave me hope and changed my life forever.


The trick you are working on right now?
I’m always working on whatever comes up during the skate session with friends, so nothing too specific. But two tricks I’ve gotten pretty close to and really wanna learn are Front Shuv Late-flip and Laser flip. I would be excited to get those down.

What makes you the happiest besides killing it on your skate?
Traveling, taking photos/videos, surrounding myself with good people, and inspiring others because it inspires me.

How would you describe your Skate Style and what`s your most favorite Spot?
I would say technical and creative. I love finding things that most people don’t typically do and creating my own combinations of tricks. Thats one of the best things about skating you can do whatever you want its a beautiful art! My favorite spot is my hometown skatepark I grew up skating at, Modern Skate & Surf in Royal Oak, Michigan. Everyone needs to skate that park once in their life.

Do you have any hints for other Girls who would like to progress in skating?
Never stop skating! Skate as much as you can. I try to do at least one thing new every time I skate. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t get something, skateboarding isn’t easy haha. And most importantly MAKE SURE YOU’RE HAVING FUN!

Your goals for this year?
To continuing inspiring as many people as I can all over the world, Build my company A Positive Seed Co whose very mission is that. To film a video part!, and progress in skating.

Thank you Christiana for your time – keep on ripping it we hope we see more of you!

Follow Christiana Smith on Instagram and Twitter: @christianasmith

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