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Let`s get to know Danyale Jane Patterson..

WAUW!! Jeder der schon einmal einer der „Too Hard“ Movies gesehen hat weiss, Danyale lässt nichts anbrennen. Dieses CHIXX „crashed“  Wortwörtlich so ziemlich jedes HandRail das sie finden kann und lässt so manchen Typ kalt aussehen! Für mich ein echtes Highlight euch dieses CHIXX ein wenig  näher zu bringen. Danyale ist 22 Jahre alt und ist auf dem besten Weg in ihrer Snowboard Karriere. Als einer der wenigen Frauen die das „Street Snowboarding“ so liebt und beherrscht, startet sie einen neuen PUSH und zeigt wie viel Möglichkeiten man im „Streetstyle“ hat. Ich denke man kann sagen, sie lebt ihr eigenes Leben und liebt es zu „crashen“! Eine wilde junge Frau von der wir ganz bestimmt noch mehr sehen und lesen werden! Macht euch bereit und lehnt zurück, HANDS UP für ein nicht ganz „normales“ Interview mit Danjyale Jane Patterson….

How did your Passion started?

Well my passion for cats started when i was very young. I was an only child and my cats were my only friends. Same goes for snowboarding.

Who gives you that PUSH to progress your self?

Da Homies!!

Your riding style is pretty sick, what is your goal for this up coming season?

I want to try and do a rail trip in europe. I have never been to europe and i really want to go.

How did everything started with „Too Hard“?

I wanted to make a movie for all the girls who had no where to put their footage. I also wanted to make a movie that portrayed women’s snowboarding the way i see it.

There is a lot of Street Snowboarding, what do you like behind that?

Its just cheaper mainly. It looks better than the park, but we don’t have the money to go back country boardin.

Do you have a special Home Mountain?

Park City, UT is my jam.

Movies like „To Hard“ or „Still Hard“ are full of good riding and sick tricks, what is the CHIXXS concept behind it?

The Chixxs are really good at snowboarding. People are always surprised at how good the riding in the Too Hard movies are because the girls are so unrecognized. I am trying to get people to recognize. Girls snowboarding is a total joke and I’m not trying to make people take us serious, but I do want people to see how fun, unique, and hard working we are.

How do you life besides Snowboarding?

I like to skateboard, shop, party, watch movies, instagram, dress up, and hang out with my parents.



What was your best moment in the last few years?

Uhm becoming single was pretty awesome. This was the first year I haven’t had a boyfriend since i was like 15. It was scary and I thought I would just find a new boyfriend, but I didn’t. It was really fun and I grew a lot as a person. I am way more independent.

If you could give a hint to the Chixxs out there, what would it be?

Hard work pays off.

You life in Reno what do you like around that Erea?

I used to live in that area. Now I live in Salt Lake City And I am originally from Alaska. Reno was small but always sunny. People party hard in Reno. Lake Tahoe is a magical paradise.

How does one of your perfect days look like?

Skateboarding really good for 5 hours, then get my hair done, then get a new hot outfit, and then go to an raging party until 7 Am. omg perfect!



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