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Let`s get to know KIMMY FASANI – One of the BEST female Backcountry Snowboarder!

To dream BIG and step out of her comfort zone is what brought her to one of the best female Backcountry Snowboarder out there. Kimmy Fasani did felt in love with the SNOW in the age of two and since than she pushed her level higher and higher. Starting with Slopestyle and now riding the Backcountry is what makes her style so incredible. Her passion is out in nature no matter what she is doing, as soon as Kimmy has time to spend her time outdoors – that’s where she is absolutely the HAPPIEST! So let`s get to know this RAD CHIXXS Kimmy Fasani and even more about her live and experiences.


Hi Kimmy we are really happy we could catch up with you, how are you doing and where are you at the moment?

Thanks for reaching out. I am home in Mammoth Lakes, CA enjoying some summertime weather.

Summer arrived, what do you enjoy the most on this time of the year?

Summer is my time to go out and play in the mountains while there’s no snow. I love rock climbing, hiking, trail running, biking, and really anything that’s outdoors.


We know you as a Pro Snowboarder, how would you describe yourself in 5 words?

– Adventurer
– Lover
– Driven
– Spiritual
– Organized

We heard a lot about your winter and it is always really inspiring to see you Snowboarding, how was it and do you already miss the cold days?

I am definitely missing winter and being on my snowboard. This past season was fun but a challenge to find good back country powder conditions. I traveled to a lot of new places; Italy and Austria being two of those, met some great people, and made the most of my time in each new range of mountains. I also had a couple opportunities to film with the Burton guys; Mikey Rencz and Mikkel Bang, which was a great experience and really entertaining.

How would you describe your Passion?

I love being in the mountains. I love seeing it snow. I am passionate about the environment and the more time I spend in nature the more I am in constant awe of Mother Nature. Snowboarding has brought me so much happiness and has allowed me to travel all over the world. Being deep in the mountains riding powder with friends and given me a sense of freedom and love for life that I come home every night with a smile on my face. I love what I do and feel so lucky that I found snowboarding as a career.


Picture by: Blotto Photto

A big part of the end of the season was the Amusement Park, what makes it so important to you to bring all this female riders together and what`s the idea behind it?

Hosting Amusement Park is important to me because I believe women need mulitple platforms throughout the season to get assets, both video and photo. I hope that the women who come to Mammoth for this event in the spring are inspired to push themselves, progress, and have fun. The idea behind Amusement Park is to have a fun, no pressure, atmosphere to lap with friends.

What does this amazing female progression in the last few year’s means to you?

I am constantly inspired by what the women and men in snowboarding are doing to progress the sport. Watching women throw down and push their limits is incredible.

Your are a all over Snowboarder and a rad Backcountry rider, where do you see yourself next season and what are your goals?

Thank you! Next season I am hoping to explore around the Eastern Sierra and stay home in Mammoth Mountain, California, as long as we have a lot of snow. I would love to go up to BC, and Alaska to get more time in some big mountains.

Do you have any hint for the CHIXXS out there that would like to progress as hard as you do?

My best advice is to dream big and step outside your comfort zone. Living life to the fullest and making the most of every moment is very important to growth. Chase your passions and don’t stop until you have accomplished your goals. Stay true to yourself, smile, be positive, and give back to others.



More about Kimmy Fasani here: www.kimmyfasani.com/

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