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Let`s get to know LEANNE PELOSI

Bei meiner Anfrage an Leanne Pelosi, ob sie vielleicht ein bisschen Zeit hat für ein kleines Interview mit CHIXXSONBOARD, kam noch am gleichen Tag die Antwort: „Klar wann geht es los?“ Es war mir Sonnenklar, Leanne ist eine extrem sympathische Frau die es liebt tiefer, höher, steiler und immer wider extremer zu gehen. Sich selbst immer wider übertrifft und das Level des weiblichen Snowboardens in die Höhe steigen ließ. Leanne reist um die ganze Welt für ihre Große Leidenschaft, liebt es in Kontakt mit neuen Leuten zu kommen und hat dabei immer eine dicke Portion Style mit dabei. Den mal im ernst, egal ob beängstigter Street Spot oder Riesen Cliff, diese Frau ist mit viel Spaß immer vorne mit dabei! Für uns einer der tausend Gründe mehr über Leanne raus zu finden, daher viel Spaß beim lesen – Let`s get to know Leanne Pelosi!T.a


Leanne how did everything started for you with Snowboarding?

I started back in 1996 when snowboarding wasn’t allowed on most hills, it was quite the fringe sport back then!

Is there any sentence that could describe your Passion?

It’s like having a fire under your ass! My passion for snowboarding makes me want to continually progress and promote equality within our sport.

Your were filming last winter for your project called „Vision Air`s“, what was your idea behind it?

My idea was to shred with inspirational riders who have their own style. For example, I think MFR is a vision air, because she is so creative! We really rode well together (episode 1). That was the first time I ever got to really film with her and it was amazing. The energy she had was infectious, and that’s exactly what I wanted to get out of the series, was just to be inspired.

As we all know you are totaly rad in Street and Backcountry Spots, what do you really prefer?

Both areas of snowboarding are awesome. Now that I’ve spent more time in the backcountry, I prefer powder. It all depends what you’re used to riding… because when I ride rails alot, they get more comfortable. I think the most important thing whether its powder or not is how creative the feature is. That’s my favourite thing about snowboarding!!!

Do you sometimes struggle with your self bevor hitting a huge cliff or an massiv rail?

Yes I get scared for sure, but when I know I can hit something I push past the fear. It’s just something you have to do to progress as a snowboarder out there.

What is your Passion if there is no Snowfall?

Surfing, photography and camping.

What are your plans and goals for this up comming winter?

I’d like to produce Runway Films women’s documentary. Working on getting financial support first…

Your totally best Spot to Snowboard on Earth?

Whistler backcountry!

Is there any hint for the CHIXXS out there?

Don’t realy on anyone to make a career for yourself. If you want it, then go and do it, don’t be discouraged. Support brands who support women’s products and athletes.

Thank you for your time and have a save and unforgettable Winter!




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