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Let`s get to know ROBIN VAN GYN

Ladies wie Robin Van Gyn zeigen wie Groß unsere Möglichkeiten sind im Snowboardern. Wie viel man aus einem einzigen Run raus holen kann, und was unsere Natur dazu beiträgt. Eine Riesen Inspiration wie auch Motivation für alle von uns, das war jedoch nur einer von vielen Gründen warum es mir so Wichtig ist das ihr Robin Van Gyn ein bisschen näher kennenlernt. Den sie ist eine der besten CHIXXS in der Backcountry, liebt und lebt diesen Lifestyle durch und durch und zeigt Snowboarden im obersten Level. Umso mehr freut es mich zu schreiben „LET`S GET TO KNOW ROBIN VAN GYN“! T.a


How did everything started for you with Snowboarding?

It started with skiis, but dont worry this story has a good ending haha! The second I started snowboarding, I knew exactly what my path would be. Failure was never an option so I did whatever I could to make snowboarding my everyday life.

Is there any sentence who could describe your Passion?

I am the best version of myself when I am snowboarding

You spend much time out in nature, what does that means to you?

Kind of goes hand in hand with the last one. I am always the most happy and most connected when I am out in nature whether it be the ocean or the mountains, its just where I feel the most real.


How was the experience filming all this amazing project`s with all this other rad rider`s?

Imagine hanging out with your best friends doing your passion…EVERYDAY!!! Its a crazy opportunity and on top of that the people I ride with are always pushing and inspiring me in the sport. Seriously its a dream come true.

What are your goal`s for this up coming season?

Have fun, inspire others and push myself past my comfort zone. I am really looking forward to snowboarding in Alaska and learning more about the mountains and all the things that come with it.

Your most stocked moment last season?

The first powder day of the season at Whsitler Blackcomb was on my birthday. I remember opening the front door with a two feet of fresh on my door step. That was an awesome moment.

How do you get your body in shape for Snowboarding?

Yoga and hiking with my dog Stella

Do you have a hint for the CHIXXS out there?

Dont be afraid of looking stupid, you will feel stupid for not trying what you know you can do.

9-5 – Robin Van Gyn Full Part 2013-14 from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

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