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Let`s get to know SALLY FITZGIBBONS – one of the BEST female Surfers out there!

I can proudly say “Let`s get to know Sally Fitzgibbons” one of the best female Surfer of the world. It is a honor for us to have a small talk to this rad CHIXX to get to know a bit more about herself and her story. Sally is one of this women`s who progress their own level day by day, pushing herself into a new area of female Surfers. She`s full of this love to her passion, that even behind the screen we still can feel this amazing vibes. Following her and her lifestyle keeps us dreaming big, because that`s what it is all about in live, to keep on dreaming and doing what we love the most. We are so happy to present this lovely Interview with this amazing CHIXX Sally Fitzgibbons – lean back and enjoy! T.a


Hi Sally how are you doing and how is surfing at the moment?

I’m really enjoying every opportunity that has come my way so far in 2015. I have been pushing the enevelop in my performances through training and the pre-season to take my surfing to the next level. There are so many amazing challenges ahead of me this season and that is really inspiring me to work harder and go after every opportunity.

You are one of The Best female surfers, how did everything started for you?

I was born into a very naturally active family and with three older brothers I developed my competitive instincts really early on in life. I had a great passion for all sports and I had the dream of becoming a professional athlete as an 8 year old. So I set about trying every sport I could sign up for and my amazingly supportive parents and family helped my dream to become a World Champion come to life. It wouldn;t be possible without them.

Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) - Lifestyle
How does it feels like to travel around the whole world to surf?

It is an amazing feeling to wake up in all different corners of the globe doing what I love to do. I am so inspired to improve my surfing, being able to ride  all these different waves around the world is helping to take my performances to the next level and become a better surfer and athlete.

How would you explain your Passion?

I’m having the most fun chasing my dream and going on the roller coaster journey to make it to the pinnacle of my sport. I’m living my passion and it puts the biggest smile on my face every single day.

What`s coming up soon and what are your goals for the up coming time?

I’m currently preparing to launch my assault on the 2nd Stop of our World Tour at the Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach Australia. It is such a spezial event for all the surfers as it is so rich surf history. I want to bet he one to ring the infamous Bells Beach trophy  for 2015.


Do you have any other hobbies or passions besides surfing?

I am a sports fanatic, so if I’m not playing it or training myself, I will be cheering on my favourite teams and athletes.

If you have any hint for the CHIXXS out there who really wanna get as good as possible, what would it be?

Train and surf with a friend to make it more fun and never give up!

Your own most biggest dream?

I am chasing my first World Title but that is only part of the dream. I want to be the best surfer I can possibly be while doing so but encourage people that are interested in my journey to live healthy lives and live their passions. I have just released my first book ‘Live Like Sally’ which I am really proud of and I have tried to share with people how you might make a start. I hope you check it out.

Follow my adventures on http://www.sallyfitzgibbons.com

take care
Sally x

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