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Let`s get to know Stefani Nurding – a SKATER, FASHION lover and HYPED CHIXX

When I first heard about Stefani Nurding I pretty much thought “what a RAD skater girl”. Soon after that feeling I realized how much more she is and I just HAD to get to know her a bit better. Stefani gives everything to live her life the fullest she can, to skateboard every single day and progress her skills with her soul mates all over the planet. To travel around and meet new people is what gives her this giant feeling and push to get better in all of her passions. So please get to know this RAD CHIXXS a HYPED, SKATER, FASHION LOVER – Stefani Nurding!!


Foto by: @Ramingol

Hi Stefani how are you doing and where are you at the moment?
I am sat in Heathrow Airport waiting to fly to Sweden to skate.


How did everything started with you and Skateboarding?
I started out as a snowboarder doing winter seasons in Morzine and working in the summer in my hometown Plymouth. At the end of my first winter I went to Newquay for a skate/surf and snow festival and the place where I was staying had a mini ramp and there were a lot of good UK skaters there. I learned to drop in and turn when I was a kid so I gave it a try and literally never looked back from there.


We`re following you now already since a while on all kinds of social media, how would you describe yourself in FIVE words?


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 14.22.56

Foto by: Dewa Ariadi / @fotoholik13

You are very passionate in Skateboarding, Fashion and traveling around the whole world. What does this lifestyle means to you?

It means everything to me. I love skateboarding and it has taught me a lot, things like keep trying something until you get it and has also taken me to some amazing places and is the reason for most of my friends. I want to live my life to the fullest I possibly can and so I take every opportunity I can get to skate and to travel and to enjoy all of the experiences 100 percent.
I love meeting new people and just generally having fun and creating things and talking about ideas and hopefully inspiring other girls to do the same.


You studied Fashion, how would you describe your own style? And what would you like to present in your way of clothing?

Eclectic. I love doing my hair and getting my nails done and taking care of myself. I think it’s important to feel good about yourself and to feel confident. I have a lot of shorts packed into my suitcase at the moment and also a lot of all black outfits and I cut all of my t-shirts into crops because I love wearing high waisted jeans and leggings. I have a few neon scrunchies and a cute gold Animal watch. I have also been loving trying different braids and I like wearing Animal 5 panel caps and I love wearing Vans Old Skool.


Skateboarding is a pretty male dominated sport, what does the female scene means to you and do you might as well struggle sometimes around all of this dudes?

I have only ever found the men to be totally supportive. I feel like it is a myth that boys arent supportive so girls really shouldn’t let the fact that there are mainly males at the skatepark put them off. I think that boys starting to skate are probably just as scared to go to the skatepark for the first time as girls are so everyone knows how that feels. I have never seen another skater laugh at someone who is trying to learn so you just have to get out there and do it and Im sure it will be worth it.
I think we are lucky in the UK to have such a great Female skate scene (GirlskateUK). I love to see all of the girls and I love to watch thier videos and get hyped to skate and inspired by them. It has been so great to see it keep growing and growing lately.


Foto by: Charlotte Thomas @itsjustpeoplephotos

Do you have a hint for the CHIXXS out there who would like to progress like you do?

I really didn’t trust myself for a long time and didnt believe I could be good at it. It isn’t about how good you are at all as long as you are having a good time but if you are the type of person like me who likes to keep learning new things then you should keep trying and don’t let being afraid put you off :). Sometimes you just have to take a slam and you will be suprised how they are not usually that bad.


The progression in female Skateboarding is insane what are your up coming goals?

My goal is to have a good time skating and meeting new people and skaters and enjoy my life.
I would love to get invited to some more contests as I love to travel and really enjoy going to events and seeing everyone skate and pushing myself to learn new tricks.
I am spending a month in Sweden right now to skate every day and then after that I am heading out to L.A so I have a pretty fun summer ahead of me. I will be posting about all of my travels on my blog which is www.theconcretechameleon.com.

Thank you so much for your time – we cant wait to present all of this!

Thank you for asking me to speak with you I had fun answering your questions and really appreciate the support. xx

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 14.22.02

Foto by: Martyn Tamblyn @junkyardskatepark

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