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Let`s get to know Valeria Kechichian

Wer Valeria kennt, weis wie viel Herz sie hat und was ihr das Skaten bedeutet. Denn egal wo man sie antrifft, ihre Persönlichkeit zieht uns alle auf eine ganz spezielle Art und Weise an. Sie verteilt solch gute Vibes, womöglich ohne sich Groß zu bemühen gibt sie jedem Menschen das Gefühl etwas ganz spezielles zu sein. Valeria arbeitet hart an ihren Zielen und liebt nichts mehr, als Menschen durch das Skateboarden zu vereinen. Durch die LONGBOARD GIRLS CREW, öffnet sie uns Frauen ganz neue Tore. Mit Filmproduktionen die vielen Menschen gezeigt haben, wie schön es ist der eigenen Leidenschaft nachzugehen, sich selbst zu lieben und dabei der Schönheit der Natur ganz na zu sein. Mit diesen Worten – LETS GET TO KNOW VALERIA KECHICHIAN! T.a


in Köln II Maria Arndt photo

T.a: Valeria, how did this Skateboarding thing started for you?

Valeria: I’ve been connected to the skateboarding world since my teenage years. My first paid job was in a local skateshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I was into other sports back then. Seven years ago I was quitting some bad habits and in desperate need of something that gave some meaning to my life. I chose longboarding, and I won.

As we can see, you totally love your passion. From where do you get that kick to move on?

I truly love and believe in what I do. Even now, that I run this huge ship by myself and sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work, responsibilities and decisions I have to make, I still love and believe that these movements are absolutely necessary to get more women into action sports, have more exposure and at some point achieve real gender equality and industry backing for females in action sports.

Valeria Kechichian shooting a line with Matt K. Katie Neilson photo

What does Skateboarding means to you?

A lot of things. It started as a hobby and now it took over most aspects of my life. I truly love it. I love how it makes me feel before, during and after a session. The excitement, the joy, the challenge, the fun and the exhaustion afterwards. I love how through skateboarding my life has changed and how we can influence so many people to change their lives as well. It’s a tool to bring people together, worldwide. I owe skateboarding so much.

Your one of the founders of the Longboard Girls Crew, what is your Idea behind that baby?

At first we just wanted to find more girls to skate with. We worked a lot, shot some videos and achieved that goal. At the same time it started turning into a worldwide community and supportive platform for female longboarders. Now, I still work for all those goals. Keep inspiring people to get into the sport, promote females athletes around the world and as said, achieve real gender equality for women in action sports.

As i know, it`s not easy to start something like that. How would you describe your way from the beginning to now?

It’s been a long, long way, haha. At first we didn’t have much clue of what we were doing. Even when we shot our first video. We just gathered, had fun and thought that our moms and maybe some friends would see it. There was no movement back then, everything was starting and we had to make decisions and change directions every day in order to get where we are at now. I think given the circumstances and our personal situations we did a good job, the five of us. We learned so much, mostly about human relationships.. we still do.


Would you change something from you past?

No. Every decision I made makes me the person I am today. I fucked up a lot of times, I still do, but that’s how we learn as well and I believe that’s one of the main goals of life.

What are your own Goals for this summer?

This summer I’m going for some weeks to Galicia to host our LGC Camps. Surf and longboard Camps in Spain’s best surf camp. We’ve been doing them for 5 years and every year they get better, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll also travel around skating and try not to die.

Do you have a hint for all the CHIXXS out there?

Work hard, have fun, take care of yourselves and others and go do what you love. Everyone has some free time to do something they love, make it count.

Your favorit Music Track to Skate?

It changes. Some days I skate to Pennywise, Black Flag, Bad religion, No use for a Name, Lagwagon or Atlas Losing Grip. Some days to Old Man Barkley and some days to Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner, Cory Brannan, Dave Hause or Jay Malinowsky. My favorite track to skate would be Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, for sure. Katy is awesome.

What are the Plans for the „Longboard Girls Crew“?

Besides de LGC Camps for the summer the main plan is to release Open. There are big plans for the movie and I can’t wait for them to start. I’m also releasing a LGC board, designed specially for girls. Besides the usual things, keep working supporting and promoting women in board sports.

We hope to see the new Movie „OPEN“ soon, are you excited about it to spread it out?

I can’t wait. It will take not only women but longboarding in general to a new level of exposure. Hopefully big things are coming.

Can you tell us what was the Idea behind „OPEN“?

At first and as usual it started like a crazy idea in a bus. We quickly started shaping it and thought that portraying 14 of the best female riders of the world from 11 different countries in a place like Israel, with all its contrasts, traditions, conflicts, culture and history would be pretty cool. We’re always taking our projects one step further and not only portraying the high skating level women have today but also how we live, suffer, surpass and enjoy every minute of our lives on the road with our board. We love adventure and want girls to love it too.


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