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Let`s get to know Vanessa Torres – “Skateboarding is a means of self expression and it is for EVERYONE!”

Wir hatten die Möglichkeit ein bisschen mehr zu erfahren von einer der Besten Skateboarderinnen überhaupt. Ein Interview mit Vanessa Torres, aufgewachsen in Buena Park, Kalifornien! Mit gerademal 16 Jahren drehte sich ihr Leben um 180°, sie skatete auf professionellem Level, jung und völlig überwältigt von der ganzen Welt. Mit dem „pro“ Status durchgeht sie ihre absolut besten und schlimmsten Erlebnisse die sie zu der Frau machten die sie heute ist. Vanessa ist einer der weiblichen Skaterinnen die zeigen das wirklich alles möglich ist, denn Skaten ist ein Mittel zur Selbstdarstellung und da für JEDEN! Mit einer riesen Freude – Let`s get to know Vanessa Torres!


Hi Vanessa, where did you grow up and how did everything started with skateboarding?

I grew up in the city of Buena Park, CA.

Naturally, being the tomboy that I am, I was always involved in anything physically challenging growing up! There was this tight little crew of boys I would run around the neighborhood with and eventually, that same group of boys introduced me to my first love, skateboarding. The rest is history, as they say!


It`s amazing to see the progression of female skateboarding, how would you explain your last three years?

YES IT IS! Isn`t it phenomenal!?! So privileged to be part of it all!

The last few years have been some of the best and most challenging times, for me. In mid May of 2015, I decided I was ready to get sober. That decision has changed my life beyond measure. ESPECIALLY, in my skating! I am progressing everyday even after 16 years on a board. The feeling is nothing short of magical!


How have things changed since turning pro?

Well, I turned “pro” when Element presented me my first pro model board graphic when I was around 16/17. That was over a decade ago! I traveled all over the world, met amazing people, skated the dreamiest of spots for the next 5 years with the Element team.
I was very young when I turned pro and was very much all over the place and pretty rebellious. So, that definitely caught up to me later on when I was let go from the team.

Now, I`m at a different chapter in my life that involves Meow, staying local more often and skating with all my ladies of shred, with a little bit of traveling, here and there, throughout the year!


You are invited to all kinds of big contest`s do you still get those thrill seconds befor you push yourself out there?

I honestly don`t think I can even describe the feelings I get before I have to skate a big contest! I am filled with excitement, stress, and anxiety leading up until I finally drop in for my run. It all disappears the moment I get in there. I always make it a point to have the most fun even in a highly stressful situation – haha!

The worst funniest thing you ever did?

Throwing my back out diving into a waterhole and anytime I bail a trick and end up sliding it out on my boobs!

Your most favorite skate spot?

Marsh Park flatbar with the crew!

Beer or Wine?

Straightedge – haha!

Your absolutely biggest goal?

Looking forward to staring my own apparel brand!

You as well put lot`s of passion into MEOW Skateboards! You designed and created your own deck, what was your idea behind the construct?
I am amongst some of the most talented people in my life! I mentally come up with the actual concept/idea for my graphics, but they are ultimately executed by the help of my dearest friends! For example, Lacey Baker took my idea, worked her magic and low and behold, my newest graphic was born!

What are your up coming adventures?

Element Skate Camp for “Girls Week” with Skate Like A Girl and MAHFIA.TV to hang and shred with all the campers!
Is there something you would like to say to other female skateboarders, a hint or anything?

Never forget that we are part of a highly supportive community of women! Get out there and shred, no matter the obstacles that present themselves because skateboarding is a means of self expression and it is for EVERYONE! Now rally up your crew and get to tearing up the streets!



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