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Let`s get to know VANESSA UDRIOT – a really passionated SKATER

From the French part of Switzerland we would like to present you this lovely Interview with Vanessa Udriot. To get to know a bit more about a female Skateboarder and a up coming Architecture. A inspiring woman who is trying to live her passion every single day, creating a combination out of pushing her self, to meet new people and being happy. Because for Vanessa “Skateboarding is much more than a normal sport”  – so please let`s get to know Vanessa Udriot!

Vanessa session with friends - Basel

Hi Vanessa how are you doing and where are you at the moment?

Hi! I’m doing well, enjoying my summer’s holidays in Lausanne!

You are a real passionate Skateboarder that’s for sure but what inspires you besides that?

Architecture. That’s what I’m studying. For me it’sreally connected to skateboarding,because forms, spaces, light, etc. inspire me a lotwhen I skate. I’m also passionate by different forms of art, like photography, painting, sculpture, designing objects (sometimes using old skateboards), … everything that requires creativity!

How would you describe yourself in 5 Words?





-often late… but I’m working on it! haha

What does Skateboarding means to you?

Skateboarding is much more than a sport. It gave me opportunities to travel through Switzerland and abroad too. I’ve met amazing people from all horizons and lifestyles, some of them became really good friends! I think Skateboarding brought me a lot to my person ality and my mind. It’s a really hard sport, but through it I’ve Iearned the perseverance and not to give up immediately.

 Vanessa portrait

Is there one kind of Skateboarding Icon that impresses you the most?

Since I started skateboarding I’ve always admirated the American skater Elissa Steamer. She’s one of the first female pro-skater and she impressed me a lot. Recording to the style I admire skaters like Lacey Baker, Sarah Meurle, Austyn Gillette, ..

If you could go on a Skate Trip now, where would you go?

Well, I don’t have a place I would like to go especially. I love traveling and when you are with good friends, anywhere you go you’ll have fun! But to answer to the question, I would say north/east of Europa or South America like Brazil,Uruguay, Argentina.

Do you have a hint for the CHIXXS out there who try to progress in Skateboarding?


Did you sometimes had situation where you struggled a bit in this man dominated scene?

For me not really. When you start skateboarding for sure it’s not easy to make your place, but for boys too.

What is special for girls is when they arrive on a new spot, everybody’s looking at you. I feel like they’re wondering if it’s a real girlskater or just another one who is wearing the skate like a fashion accessory.

Nowadays most of the boys are open-minded and encouraging, giving tips and positive remarks!

Where are you in 5 Years?

Hopefully I’ll be roadtripping anywhere on earth! With my skateboard of course…

We wish you a lovely summerending, Thanks for sharing a bit of your live with us!

Thank you!

Five on Flat – Vanessa Udriot from That Noise Magazine on Vimeo.


Vanessa ollie cône - Lausanne
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