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Die CHIXXS der Lipstick Productions geben einmal mehr Voll Gas.. BOOBILICIOUS zeigt viel weiblichkeit, extrem gutes Snowboarden und viel Spass. Es macht Lust auf mehr, und gibt einem eine sehr grosse Motivation sich selbst zu pushen und dabei Frau zu sein. Ich bin sehr froh gibt es CHIXXS Film Produktionen die den Spass und die Leidenschaft an erster Stelle lassen und zeigen „Wir können es auch“! Hiermit ein Riesen HANDS UP für alle Riderinnen – Urska Pribosic, Julia Baumgartner, Basa Stevulova, Lisa Filzmoser, Ana Rumiha, Diana Sadlowski, Aline Bock, Suray Fernandez, Vera Janssen & Conny Bleicher.

Ana: “It all started couple of years ago on the first slopestyle world cup in Bardonecchia. The weather was shitty and the course sketchy so Cilka Sadar and me decided to make a slightly erotic snowboarding clip since nobody cared about our riding anyways and we called it BOOBISH. We missed the complete training but made ourselves laugh a lot. Urska was also there but she was so young and shy we didn’t get her to make a fool out of herself. Since then we started a tradition to always film a clip like that when two or more of us friends met somewhere no matter the activity or place so we did. It was all filmed 1st try with my old little photocamera and edited the same day. Since then things changed a bit, Cilka won TTR tour, Urska grew into a crazy good snowboarder and left her shyness somewhere on the way, the crew got a bigger. Eventually all of us met up on Dachstein and we filmed the grand finale which was complete trash but still when I watch it it brings smile to my face and it never gets old. Begging of last winter we remembered how much fun we always had doing that so we decided to go back to our roots just with the slightly better camera. The plan was not to care about the outcome too much and just ride like friends, doing whatever we felt like. Of course it turned into chaos but I love our chaos, it still makes me smile.”




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