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NIKITA Outerwear 2013/14

So many time I heard riders friends claiming it’s not what you ride but how you ride that really make the difference.

In some aspects I agree with the quote. Actually the essence of snowboarding lie in the ability of adapting yourself and your ride to the environment and probably so it goes with the equipment.
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It is known that a good rider is able to work his magic no matter what board, boots or jacket he’s using!

But here comes trouble… I love the idea that as human being we have that capacity to improve ourselves and grow up beyond the circumstances, including material goods.

In the other hand, I firmly believe that it’s in our nature to seek for what feels right to our personality, needs and comfort. And from this point of view, how lucky we are to have such an industry always looking for rising up the level of choices, style and quality of products provided…
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Well it seems like I’ll always be kind of divided about the question, but at the end of the day, nothing is ever really black or white right?

So enough philosophy, let’s talk about what really is interesting: passion for snowboarding and style!

This has been the driving force of Nikita since her very beginning. Girls needed serious style, genuine originality, bold clothes in order to carry chixxs credit up high out on the slopes, and amazing Heida Birgisdottir simply gives it us all!
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Every time I’m confronted to this amazing woman and what she created for the girls, I’m stoked and very much inspired!

This winter again, the possibilities offered by the outerwear collection are nearly limitless. A myriad of style, shapes, colors and fits give you the opportunity to create your very own combo to experiment happiness, freedom, friendship, exciting excursions and enjoy the outdoor in the best comfort!

I particularly love those neutral and beautiful colors and the special aspect of the fabrics. Slim pants and long jacket are killer silhouette and the lace on the belt is the perfect detail! Moreover, I need that striped balaclava!

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have fun & visit nikitaclothing.com

Go chixxs! Jeanne

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