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Der neue Nuit de la Glisse-Film „Addicted to Life“ wurde an Orten rund um den Globus gedreht, unter anderem in Chamonix am Montblanc, in Tahiti, den Pyrenäen und der Wüste Almeria. Nuiet de la Glisse begleitet Männer und Frauen, die sich immer wider neue sportliche Herausforderungen suchen und diese finden in der ungezähmten Begegnung mit der wilden Natur. Matt Annetts ist einer dieser wilden Sportlern, seit Jahren vertieft er sich in der Backcountry rund um den ganzen Globus und hiked Bärge hoch die uns alle nur so ins staunen bringen. Daher dachten wir uns brauchen wir bisschen mehr Infos über diesen Snowboarder. Hier ein kleines Interview über Matt und das Projekt „Nuit de la Glisse-Film“.

Ski Norway-Addicted to Life-NDG2014-15-copyright Perfect Moment Entertainment

Hi Matt it`s getting closer Winter is comming pretty soon, how do you feel?

I am feeling pretty good.The weather is still really nice here in Wyoming, so I am enjoying myself biking and paragliding whenever I can. I am also in the gym training 4 days a week with Mountain Athlete. They have been supporting me for years, and it feels so good to go into the season feeling strong.

Since when do you Snowboard and how did everything started?

I started snowboarding when I was 12. It was just becoming popular, so I gave it a shot. As soon as I rode powder fort he first time, I sold my skis.The film adventures with NDG started by a chance meeting with Thierry Donard in the backcountry of Argentina. I was riding by myself and he by chance was hiking in the same area. Next thing I knew, he was inviting me to fly around in helicopters around Europe.

How would you describe your Passion?

From about 14 I knew that snowboarding needed to be a large part of my life. All my major life decisions from then on have focused around me being able to slide on snow. Without being in the mountains, I do not feel like the same person. It allows me a ton of freedom and keeps me smiling. I feel very fortunate for having such a passion.

In the Trailer of „Nuit de la Glisse“ you hike up some scary mountains, what kind of feeling do you have at that moment?

To be honest, I have been much more scared getting to the lines than snowboarding down them.The more I put myself in these situations, the more comfortable I feel, but I always feel so much better every time I put on the snowboard.


ADDICTED TO LIFE — NUIT DE LA GLISSE 2014 — MOVIE TRAILER from Nuit de la Glisse Films on Vimeo.

How was it to be a part of this Documantery?

I feel very lucky to be a part of NDG’s film.I get to ride in some amazing places and spend time with some great people.I do feel a little weird seeing myself on the big screen when it is finnished. It has never been my goal to be in the spotlight, and I often feel not worthy of everything I have been able to do. It does make me realize how lucky I am, and how I need to take full advantage of the situation.

How do you get in shape for adventures like those?

As I said before, I train a lot with Mountain Athlete in the off seasons.That insures that my body with be in shape for the activities. But it takes time in the mountains to get better in the mountains. Therfor, I get out and ride as much as possilbe.

Your goals for this up coming season?

My goals are always the same. Have fun and stay healthy.

What do you think about the femal part in the backcountry?

I have a lot of respect for females in the backcountry. It is a very male dominated sport and there is some attitude that goes with it. It is really great to see the ladies put in the time, gain the knowledge and shred the mountains. It is expecailly great when the you see some of the guys with additude get shown up by the the girls. That always makes me smile.

Your most importaint stuff you need to have in Nature?

Smile.And of course the proper safty/survial gear when the outing requires.

We wish you an amazing start into hopefully lot`s of SNOW!Thanks Matt and see you at the premiers here in Switzerland!


More Infos around Nuit de la Glisse: http://www.nuitdelaglisse.com/
More Infos about the World Premiers: http://www.nuitdelaglisse.com/tickets/

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