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WLD – Clothing


All together. Connected by a feeling of unity, a sense that we are part of the same collective experience. Sometimes it just happens. You can feel it instantly. Meeting like-minded people boarding your favorite backcountry run or catching the first wave of the day. Like magic, suddenly it’s there. No planning, no electronics, no introductions necessary. Just a knowing smile, a quick hello, and the knowledge that you share the same style, the same spirit, the same passion.



Every day. Without losing our passion. Without losing sight of what really counts, what’s really important in life. There is no manual for happy living, but if we manage to reduce the complexities of daily existence to the essentials, we’re on the right track. Sometimes we need to stop and listen. Cut through the distractions of everyday life and hear what our body and soul are telling us. This leads us into the oceans and mountains. We come here to forget the daily grind and get in touch with ourselves and to live.



Does it matter to stand out from others? Not on principle. But when it comes to realizing our passions, a break from the norm is inevitable. We live different, because we realize that a constant overkill of activities, products and information is not the answer, but a sure way of losing touch. Instead, we want to concentrate on essentials. Reduce our experience to something real. Something we can remember. In the mountains, it’s better to focus on just one run – and make it count. In the oceans, it’s worth waiting for that one perfect wave, even if it takes time. These moments are what sets us apart. And even though we don’t judge others or exalt ourselves, we enjoy the difference. And we welcome the opportunity to express it in our style.



WLD is making a small, but siginificant contribution for future generations. We donate 1% of our revenues to environmental action groups. This is our commitment to protecting the environment we value so much: our planet’s mountains and oceans.

Mehr Information unter: https://www.welivedifferent.com/

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